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Making Chatbots
intelligent with
Language as a Service

Our technology platform solves
the biggest problem in Intelligent Chatbot
creation – understanding the true
meaning of user requests.

The fintech

“Smart Chatbots as profound an impact as touchscreens and the web”

Satya Nadella
CEO of Microsoft

Solving the hardest problem in building Intelligent Chatbots

the fintech

Award-winning technology to deliver industry beating user experiences

Use Language as a Service to build your own Chatbot without expertise in AI and Computational Linguistics.


What does Language as a Service provide?

Language Support

We provide fully configured natural language AI instances to ensure your Chatbot is Intelligent from day one. This means users are understood however they express themselves in the relevant domain. Now they benefit from truly intuitive user experiences that Chatbots really can deliver.

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Much quicker
to market

We provide the natural language components of your Chatbot to save you time and resource. Your Chatbot engine calls our simple API to understand users’ requests for your specialist domain.

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Highest Accuracy in
the Market

Our award-winning platform provides the most accurate results in the market. Your users will be understood no matter how they express themselves.

Continually learning

We ensure your Chatbot is smart and keeps learning through our AI platform. Every interaction is a learning opportunity.

Why work with us?


handsWhy work with us
Highly adaptive LaaS solution supports any industry or need.


control iconYou keep control
You can adapt your Intelligent Chatbot to respond to any circumstances as they arise.


Proven technologyProven technology
We work with some of the world’s largest companies to solve their Chatbot language challenges.

Hugely scalableHugely scalable platform
Able to handle millions of interactions simultaneously.


Differentiate your ChatbotDifferentiate your Chatbot
Stand above clunky rules-based Chatbots by enabling human-like interactions and actions with your users.

Commercial benefitsCommercial benefits
Reduce costs or drive revenue with intuitive experiences that respond instantly to users’ needs.

“Intelligent Chatbots are hard to build but deliver huge benefits – from increased sales conversion to major cost savings. Existing Chatbots fail to support the complexities of human language and are frustratingly ineffective.’s Language as a Service solution enables users to be understood first time every time – however they express themselves. So now the Chatbot is intuitive and human-like. Our clients don’t need AI expertise. Just call our LaaS API, and you’re ready to go.“

Dr John Taylor, CEO

Great Features

No AI configuration or training needed to benefit from LaaS. Full domain-specific language support available via our API.

LaaS is effective in all use cases and across all industries.

Fully supports people’s everyday language just as a human does.

Understands the context of requests and helps resolve ambiguity.

No in-house AI resource needed to ensure the Chatbot learns from every interaction.

  • Power sophisticated and intuitive user interactions
  • Receive strong ROI
  • Learns and gets smarter using AI
  • Easy integration speeds time to market
  • Unique full language solution

Talk to us about making your Chatbot Intelligent.

Our work has been featured

city am news

Language as a Service (LaaS) enables users to have rich interactions with computer technology using their everyday natural language.

Intelligent Chatbots delight users

LaaS makes Chatbots commercial and delivers great ROI with no need for major capital investment.

Microsoft Enterprise Blog

The Greatest Chatbots

We’re already working with global companies to build world-beating experiences.  The real potential of Intelligent Chatbots is ready to be unleashed.

Telefonica Blog

Now is the time for Intelligent Chatbots

It’s impossible to deliver a great experience if users are not understood, first time every time. LaaS makes it possible to support users however they interact, not enforce processes that are convenient only for a business.

Let users express themselves freely.

Language is the gap

Understanding the nuances and complexities of language is one of the hardest problems in AI. Fortunately we’ve been living and breathing this for years.

LaaS is the solution.

Generating higher sales

Providing intuitive experiences for consumers increases their engagement and reduces the friction to getting things done. They are much more likely to transact.

Happier consumers spend more.

Reducing costs, improving quality

Automatically handling enquiries saves time for users and money for businesses. Let your Intelligent Chatbot take the strain. Intelligent Chatbots can remove significant costs.

“LaaS provides the intelligence that Chatbots desperately need. The solution is focused on powering intuitive user experiences for our partners, while supporting them to build their own Chatbots. We help realise the vision for Intelligent Chatbots with commercial-strength services delivering transformational experiences for users, whether they’re consumers or employees.”

Dr John Taylor

The Future of Chatbots

It’s possible today to create Intelligent Chatbots. Imagine being able to ask for something naturally and being understood – and then be provided with an immediate solution. Whether buying a product, booking s service, or querying your calendar, users can save time and benefit from human-like engagement 24/7. And because Intelligent Chatbots can be offered where the users are e.g. via Messenger services, then they don’t have to break out of their current mode to engage with a business.

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